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DShri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu,
Hon’ble Minister for Railways,
Ministry of Railways,
New Delhi.

        Sub : Recommendations of VII Central Pay Commission.

VII Central Pay Commission has submitted its report.  Though the Pay commission report is spread over 900 pages but there are no positive recommendations for promotee Group ’B’ officers.  Indian Railways Promotee Officers Federation had called an emergent meeting on 28.11.2015 at New Delhi and after discussion it was decided to highlight our issues which have not been considered in the report and also point out inconsistencies in the report. 
          The undermentioned issues are submitted  for sympathetic  consideration :

1.       Pay commission has made several recommendations related to   seniority, recruitment etc which is not within the purview terms of      reference hence,    such recommendations should not be considered at     all.  Any policy discussion in this regard should be taken after     discussion with all the stake holders. 

2.       The level of Group ’B’ officer on promotion for all organized services          and Misc cadre should be identical.  Previously VI CPC had recommended GP5400 to Accounts officers only and VII CPC has     recommended entry level of Group ‘B’ officers as Level 9 in Misc   categories whereas officers of all organized services except Accounts    on promotion to Group ’B’ are placed in Level 8.  A serious thought    requires to be given to remove this anomaly and the entry level for all    Group ‘B’ officers of organized services and Misc cadre should be fixed     as Level 9  (level 8 should be upgraded to level 9) because the posts in   railways are interchangeable having same duties, responsibilities and  accountability. 

3.       On fixing entry level of Group ’B’ as level 9, 80% upgradation of Group ‘B’ officers of organized services and  Misc cadre from level 9 to level 10 on completion of three years of service should be granted without any discrimination to Misc Cadre Group ‘B’ officers.

4.       The Pay matrix proposed is based on 125% DA which has resulted in reducing take home salary specially for the employees/officers who are residing in Government accommodation and not entitled for HRA.  The issue needs  to be reconsidered and only merger of 100% DA should be taken into account and remaining slab of DA should  be granted on the revised matrix. 
Currently 119% DA is being paid and taking into account future DA is     not justified and has caused detrimental impact on the net pay.  

5.       The recommendations for granting MACP in hierarchy needs to be clearly stated that promotional hierarchy will be followed and not    hierarchy in the level mentioned in pay matrix. The  enhancement        in eligibility for suitability in MACP as proposed is higher than regular  promotion   which is not justified.  The recommendation needs to be reconsidered.

6.       As per recommendations annual increment @3% has been recommended but vertical increase in the level has been rounded off  to the nearest 100 which has resulted in lesser increment than 3% at    many stages.  This anomaly needs to be rectified and minimum 3% increment should be allowed with rounding off to the   next 100.  The Pay matrix should be suitably amended in light of above.

7.       Payment of gratuity on retirement is limited to 16.5 months hence, further limit of Rs.20 lakhs is not justified as it is affecting the officers and Senior supervisors only.  Infact the limit of maximum gratuity of      Rs.20  lakhs should be removed or it should be enhanced by taking  into account 2.57 factor and fixed Rs.26 lakhs. 

8.       The entry level pay has been fixed based on multiplying factor of 2.57 to 2.81 having upward increasing trend from Level 1 to level 18 with   an exception in Level 13 where it is 2.57. Level 13 is the maximum stage where promotee officers retires and hardly 15 to 20% officers      reach this stage  hence, it is requested that multiplying factor 2.67  should be applied to Level 13 also.

9.       Ministry of Railways has already recommended entry level pay of  Group ‘B’ officers in GP 5400 and placement of JAG in PB-4 but Pay  Commission has not considered the pending issues recommended by Ministry of Railways, hence, it is requested that while sending the   views of Railways on the report the demand already accepted by the Ministry should be incorporated and justification for upgradation of         Level 12 to level 13 and Level 8 to Level 9 should be incorporated so that injustice  meted out to promotee officers could be resolved.

10.     The recommendations of  VII CPC for common cadre  and pay structure for like Paramedical   staff, Stenographers of CCS,    Rajbhasha, EDP etc should be implemented at par with other Ministries as recommended by the Pay Commission. The difference in Pay structure in railways and other Ministries in common categories is the cause of discontentment   amongst   the staff and officers hence, this anomaly should be rectified while  implementing the report. 

11.     The proposed monthly deduction under CGEGIS needs to be revisited. The Ministry may consider either reducing  the Insurance amount and proportionate reduction in monthly subscription or the element of      saving fund may be deleted keeping the insured amount same and monthly deduction only limited to Insurance fund i.e. 25% of the proposed monthly deduction.

12.     The fitment factor of 2.57 recommended for fixation of pay under VII CPC should be revised and the initial pay fixation should be done  according to the factor taken into account for each level for fixing the   minimum entry pay for that level.

Dated : 28th, November, 2015

Secretary General/IRPOF